Day Four - Refugee Convoy

Day Three - Refugee Convoy

Up and away at first light again. Today's plan is to arrive into Budapest around 6pm so we could meet up with two refugee centres and deliver some of the aid we have in our vans. 


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Day Two - Refugee Convoy

 We were up and away at first light with the aim to make it as far across Germany as possible.


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Day One - Refugee Convoy

It was an early rise (for me anyway) at 6am to get ready and leave the house for 7am to pick up my co-driver Steve.

The plan was to meet the other drivers at Knutsford services for 8am. Unfortunately we hit some traffic getting out of Manchester and didn’t arrive at the service station till just before 9am.

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Aid needed for refugee camps

On Monday 2nd November I will be travelling to a Refugee Camp in Hungary to deliver aid to desperate families fleeing a war stricken country.

We have contacted the camps direct to ensure we take the right aid desperately needed. 

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